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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


History of the constitutions of modern democracies, the Magna Carta is a document sanctioned by the King John I of England on 15 June 1215. In the 63 articles of the Magna Carta Libertatum ensured the rights to feudal aristocracy compared to the power of the King.

Of this document, only 17 manuscript copies remain in the 17th century on vellum paper. One of them, property of the American multimillionaire Ross Perot and that remains exposed in the National Files of Washington, was auctioned yesterday in her(it) sedate of the house of auctions Sotheby's in New York. The auction of this copy was closed 21,3 million dollars (almost 15 million Euros) including the commission, going on to hands of the financier David Rubisntein, who will continue yielding it in lending(borrowing) to the National Files as his(her,your) previous owner.

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