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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The word peace derives from the Latin pax. It(she) is generally definite, in positive sense, as a condition(state) of tranquility or quietude, and in the opposite direction as absence of worry(restlessness), violence or war.

From the point of view of the International Law, and for extension of the previous definition, the term(end) Peace in an agreement or agreement that it(he,she) puts end(purpose) to the war (as(like) for example, Westfalia's Peace).

One can speak about a social peace as understanding and good relations between(among) the groups, classes or social estates inside a country. In the individual plane, the peace designates an interior condition(state), exempt from rage(cholera), hatred and more generally of negative feelings. She is, therefore, wished for one itself and equally for the others, up to the point of turning into a greeting (the peace is with you) or one [?Cuidado! El texto que desea traducir contiene demasiado caracteres. Por eso la traducción ha sido dividida.]

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