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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Latin class (Collaboration)

Carlos Cabanillas Núñez is a one of the best teachers of Latin you can find in Spain. He is working for several years in renewal of Classical Languages methodology, incorporating the use of New Technologies in the classroom. His Curriculum is very extensive, but I'd like quote his contribution to foundation of Chiron, important group dedicated to promove the classical world on the net.

First, I would like to thanks Angel L. Gallego for inviting me to participate in this blog, what I'll do with great pleasure.

I will show some things we do in the Latin 4th ESO at IES Santiago Apostol from Almendralejo.

In our class we give great importance to the development of oral expression. We think, if you can express correctly to any audience you will be able to obtain personal and professional success. However, we see that orality is seldom used in our classrooms.

In addition, we thin
k we have to learn Latin in a active way, using and talking it.

So, during this course we have made a number of activities to practice speaking. Here you have a short review:

1. Students have done many work expositions. They have always been teamwork, and the exhibition was supported by presentations: The structure of the buildings of Entertainment, The Roman Empire.

2.. We have also dramatizations of small dialogues in Latin, and have recorded on video some of them: Gloria et Paulus, In saevitia amphitheater.

3. We have made small recording podcast, interviewing some Roman poets: Interview with Horace, Ovid interview.

We hope that some of the work are interesting for you. To ask any question you like, we are at your disposal in Hic laboramus, the workspace of Latin students from IES Santiago Apostol.

curate ut valeatis

Carlos Cabanillas Núñez
Latin Teacher, ies "Santiago Apóstol", Almendralejo

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