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Friday, March 12, 2010


What scares you? (Mistery about Myths, from ies Cotes Baixes).

According to the Greek mythology, the basilisk was the most hazardous animal who had existed ever.
His name comes from the word Greek basileus, which means king, and in fact it also is known as the "King of the snakes". It's said that this being was born from a snake egg that was hatched by a cock and a result of that, he seems a cock with a snake tail.
On the other habnd, there are other people who describe the basilisk as a snake with horns.
Furthermore, some people think that because he was born of a snake egg wich was laid by a cock and also hatched by a toad, he has got a head cock, toad body and snake tail.
However, whatever it was its exactly apparence, the truth is that this animal shares physical features of the cock and the snake, but perhaps what we should take into account is that it can hurt several species including humans using its evil look.
-People recognize three kinds of basilisks, all of them equaly lethal:
1) The gold basilisk is able to murder with its poison.
2) The basilisk with an eye in the middle of its forehead.
3) The basilisk whose sting can make people's flesh fall apart.
-The basilsk lives at deserts; moreover its breth can get dry whatever place where it walks. It would be immortal if it hadn't got a little weakness which comes from its powers: its dangerous look when a basilisk looks at itself in a mirror, it falls over immediatly and then it dies. Fortunately man has taken advantage of its weakness to kill it. Another weakness used by man against the basilisk consists of throwing some weasels into its hiding holes since they are the basilisks's foes. It's also said the basilisk could die when it listened to the cock's song.


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  1. Well done, Νικιτής, I see there is nothing that scares you!
    You have solved all right the first question about the origin of the monster Harry Potter fights against.
    Is there anyone who wants to tell us something about the other monster in the second film ET saw?
    We also need a conclusion !!