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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The mystery of the goat Amalthea

How are you!
I`m Paula, I am going to solve the mistery number 4.OK! let`s go!
This sculpture is the goat Amaltea.The author is Bernini.
And this sculpture is in museum louvre(Paris).

The myth of the statue is:

Amalthea was the nurse of Zeus. The mother took her son Zeus to Mount Ida because his father wanted to kill.At Mount Amalthea care and food for the baby goat's milk. One day the goat he broke one of his horns and filled with flowers amaltea horns. Amalthea brought the goat next to Zeus, and this led her to turn the stars into a constellation Capricorn. The horn was a symbol of wealth and abundance.

In Conclusion:

The term "horn of Zeus" is applied in a fertile region and a property called "Amaltheum.
In the various Greek coins depicting Zeus was suckled by the goat, and showed him carried in the arms
of a nymph.

With the name "amaltea" I have a suggestion for the name of a shop. For example, can be the name of a clothing store or women's shoes, because I think a female name.

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