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Friday, February 26, 2010


4ºEso resolved these misteries:


  • Mistery one

Well, the mistery have to do with guessing because the sphinx was a creature

that had terrorized the kingdom of Thebes as performed riddles and if s

somebody didn't guess the enigma sphinx killed him. And Oedipus guessed

riddles and made her to suicide by jumping into the void.

  • Mistery two.

    I - Jesus
    Jesus Christ Son of God Savio

  • Mistery three


  • Mistery four

    They looked like white oxen plowed the fields and they had a plow, sow seeds black and white.
    * That seems to be poorly written in Latin, yet are written in Italian.

Mistery five

Sapiens sugit sanguinem sapientiae sane sugerendus est sanguasucco venarum

1 comment:

  1. Hi dear pupils,
    you have worked hard and fast enough! Mistery one is fast solved and the mistery two also. For mistery three Wikipedia's author worked good! Mistery four has to be completed: what's the metaphoris sense of field and seeds? It has of course to do with colours black and white ... Mistery five is ok, even if I have another version with the same meaning. Would you like to know it?
    And of course I have to say you: BRAVOOOOO!!!!