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Friday, February 26, 2010

The House of the Amphitheatre

Out of The enclosure of the theatre and the amphitheatre, to scantily a few meters of the latter, of which it(he,she) takes his(her,your) name, they find the remains of a few possible Roman mansions, that of the Amphitheatre and that of the Tower of the Water, dated in the IIIrd and IVth century, and whose(which) excavations are continued for years.
Some linens remain between(among) the dependences of these pictorial mansions of great quality, as well as the pavement musivo with an excellent representation of the goddess Venus with Eros, and other one with a scene of vintage.

Of importance they are also the thermal dependences, wells, ovens, kitchens(cuisines), peristyles, conductions(drivings) of water, landscaped zones, remains of the wall, as well as a section of aqueduct.
Later this zone was used as necropolis from the 5th century.

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