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Friday, February 19, 2010


Lacimurga's ancient city, located in Cogolludo's hill, between(among) Navalvillar of Peels and Populates of Alcocer constitutes the most important reutilization of an accession prerromano in the zone. Test(proof) of this antiguedad is the necropolis of incineration recently discovered in the place in the one that was situated a golden earring dated in the S. IV-III B.C.

Placed in the right(straight) shore of the river The Guadiana, it(he,she) shows a strategic situation dominating one of the fords of the river The Guadiana and a natural important step, which, undoubtedly, served to contact Andalusia with the Plateau.
It(He,She) should have practised as urban principal center, a strong influence on the rural environment that was surrounding it. In this environment certain deposits have received documents as a great Roman villa, to approximately three Kilometres, upstream from Lacimurga, called The Little castles. It is a question of a rural establishment, that for his(her,your) structures, his(her,your) condition(state) of conservation and the presence of a rural temple or ninfeo dated in the S. The IVth B.C. and of a mausoleum, it(he,she) possesses characters that might define it like suburban.

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