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Friday, February 19, 2010

Talavera La Vieja

Talavera the Old woman is Augustobriga's former Roman city. The location and identification of Augustóbriga's Roman city has raised an important debate historiográfico. In spite of being mentioned in several classic sources(fountains) (Plinio, Ptolemy, the Itinerary of Antonino and the Rávena's Anonymous one), his(her,your) location has been for a long time(at length) controversial. Primeramente Ceán Bermúdez in 1832, she(it) was placed in the people(village) by native of Caceres of Village of the Stony one, attending to the inscription with Flavia Rufina's epitaph in which the name of the city was appearing.
The find in Talavera the Old woman of this epigraph who was mentioning the Senatus Populusque Augustobrigensis (C.I.L. 5346), published for F. Fita in 1887, allowed to relate this people(village) to the Roman Augustóbriga, opinion that Coello and Emil Hübner validated, in 1889 and 1892, respectively.

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