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Thursday, February 18, 2010

"The temple of Diana in Merida" and "The Roman Theatre in Mérida"

"Templo de Diana de Mérida"
The temple of Diana in Merida"

It is the only religious building that remains in place in Merida. Dates from the S.I a.C. and is a large building which, due to its location due to flaunt luxury and decoration. Perhaps the temple was dedicated to the worship of the Emperor Augustus, not Diana, as well as sculptural materials indicate localized.

"Teatro Romano de Mérida"
"The Roman Theatre in Mérida"

It is a construction promoted by the consul Marcus Agrippa Vipsanius.

The theater has undergone several renovations, the most important in the late first century or early second century, possibly under Emperor Trajan, when he got up the current facade or front stage, and another between the time of Constantine 330s and 340, introducing new architectural elements, decorative and construct a road around the monument.

BY: Cristobal & ChemaTaker

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