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Friday, February 19, 2010

Roman Aqueduct of Merida ^^

It arises from Proserpina's reservoir(damming), Roman work that possesses(relies on) a dike of 500 meters of length, and that was providing with water the Merida, after overcoming a tour of 9 kilometres, of which the beautiful aqueduct of the Miracles was forming a part.
His(Her,Your) structure, of approximately 800 meters of length, was composed by triple arcade on props(pillars) of hewn stone and brick of 25 meters of height, which overcomes the valley of the river or creek Albarregas and to finish in the warehouse(deposit) of water distribution, seated in the Hill of the Calvary already inside the city.
For the bridge of the river Albarregas, placed to the north of the city close to the aqueduct of the Miracles, the causeway was spending(passing) Route of the Silver. It(he,she) has a length of 125 ms. and a height of 6, 75 ms. It(he,she) possesses(relies on) four big arches and smaller other one. It(he,she) dates back to the 1st century.
It(He,She) calls of The Miracles because it seemed to the emeritenses to be miraculous that times and wars had never finished with this span of almost fifty props(pillars), still erect for amazement of the centuries.

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